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3 mistakes in When the Heat Cools Off

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When the Heat Cools Off - S1-E9

Plot hole: One glaringly obvious script blunder is that the murder of Fitch and Parker is supposed to have taken place "six years previously" (in the summer of 1971, the date established the pre-title sequence) yet Haydon has been in prison for "seven years and five months" according to his daughter. This makes no sense, unless the viewer is to assume that the "present day" sections of the story take place in early 1979. (The episode was first broadcast in February 1978).

When the Heat Cools Off - S1-E9

Plot hole: The chronology of this episode makes no sense at all in places. For example, the pre-titles sequence makes it clear that it is the summer of 1971, and Doyle mentions to his sergeant that CI5 is being set up. Yet series creator Brian Clemens' own writer's guide specifically stipulated that the CI5 wasn't even conceived until November 1971.

When the Heat Cools Off - S1-E9

Factual error: The pre-titles sequence makes reference to "the long hot summer of '71". Yet the trees that are visible in this scene are bare - which betrays the fact that this episode was, in fact, filmed in the winter (November 1977 to be exact).

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This, the first ever episode of the series, was first broadcast on ITV on December 30th 1977. It was repeated on ITV in 1979. Some time after this, a cut was made, which has endured on all subsequent UK TV transmissions: Just prior to the title sequence, we see Nesbitt hand Susan some drugs. In the original broadcast we then see Susan tightening her belt around her arm. Using Nesbitt's cigarette lighter to sterilise a needle, she then "shoots up" (injects the drugs in her arm). The excision may have come about because of a tightening up of censorship rules by the Independent Broadcasting Authority about the explicit use of illegal drugs on TV. However, the missing segment has been restored for the 2002 DVD release.