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The Professionals (1977)

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Heroes - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Various scenes in Cowley's office throw up numerable continuity problems such as lighting levels, the buttons on Bodie's shirt and Bodie briefly undergoes a change of hairstyle. All this seems to underline the suspicion that the episode underwent a lot of re-shooting several weeks or months after the original filming, and that the finished scene was "cobbled together" from various shots filmed weeks or months apart.

Heroes - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: There is something very strange about the filming of this episode. Scenes such as that of the newly-weds in the hotel grounds were shot during summer, while others such as the truck driver being gunned down involve bare trees and actors' breath visible, so obviously filmed many weeks later. Also, the drive-by shooting at Mr May's (the old chap with the dog) and subsequent arrival of a CI5 squad car arriving are two scenes that were filmed months apart: in the latter the trees look noticeably barer than when the villains' car roared past.

Heroes - S1-E5

Plot hole: The scene of old Mr May coming under fire and that of the CI5 back-up squad were filmed outside different houses (although in the same street).

Heroes - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Tommy questions the loading-bay worker, we see him close the black Capri's door. When he returns to the car a second later, the door is open again.

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This, the first ever episode of the series, was first broadcast on ITV on December 30th 1977. It was repeated on ITV in 1979. Some time after this, a cut was made, which has endured on all subsequent UK TV transmissions: Just prior to the title sequence, we see Nesbitt hand Susan some drugs. In the original broadcast we then see Susan tightening her belt around her arm. Using Nesbitt's cigarette lighter to sterilise a needle, she then "shoots up" (injects the drugs in her arm). The excision may have come about because of a tightening up of censorship rules by the Independent Broadcasting Authority about the explicit use of illegal drugs on TV. However, the missing segment has been restored for the 2002 DVD release.