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A Game of Pool - S3-E20

Corrected entry: Twice during shots of the tournament in progress, we see the 8-ball going into a corner pocket - a mistake that should have ended the game.


Jean G

Correction: They weren't playing 8-ball, where hitting the 8-ball in out of turn ends the game. Before the game started he was asked what pool game he wanted to play, 9-ball, 8-ball, Rotation? They decided to play rotation, where the 8-ball must go in after the 7-ball is made.


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When the pawnbroker closes his metal gate, he's facing the wire mesh. When the shot cuts, he's instantly facing away from it.



From the title (honoring writer Charles Beaumont) on, David Gerrold loaded this script with homages to sf writers and films. Every character and nearly every line makes such a reference, with people and things named after Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson and characters from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Them!, Forbidden Planet, This Island Earth and many others.