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The Target - S1-E2

Corrected entry: In this episode we are shown Echo was in the showers at the time of Alpha's attack. At the end of the season, we are shown she was actually in the craft workshop with Alpha when he attacked.


Correction: The attack started in crafts area. In that time they had to drag Alpha away and prep him for the attic where he started the bulk of his attack. There would have been plenty of time for Echo to head to the showers. We don't even know how long she was there when they found her.


Show generally

Corrected entry: When Mellie is being attacked, Dewitt calls and (via Agent Ballard's answer machine) "activates" her, then "de-activates" her, which is fine until Mellie or Agent Ballard decide to listen to his messages. (00:43:20)

Correction: Given that Dollhouse staff have broken into Ballard's apartment in the past, placing surveillance cameras and so forth, it seems highly likely that they would have made sure that such messages could be deleted if necessary. Given that modern answering machines can generally be remotely controlled down the phoneline, all they'd need to do would be to take a note of his PIN number.

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