The Sweeney

Bait - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: When the camera is looking out the window of the flat being used for surveillance, Lennie and Tolman drive past the parked Sweeney silver Ford Granada, a red Peugeot, a blue Peugeot estate, an empty space, then a white Hillman Superminx. The camera then changes to inside the car - Lennie and Tolman pass the Granada and the two Peugeots a second time but there is a brown Ford Cortina parked where the white Hillman Superminx was. Lennie and Tolman drive round the block and drive past a second time, you see the brown Cortina, but when Lennie parks the car in the empty space next to the blue Peugeot estate, the white superminx is back where the brown Ford Cortina was.

Bait - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: When Tolman and Lennie first drive past Joan's flat, the Sweeney's silver Ford Granada is parked right up against the Mini parked behind it. When they drive past a second time there is a gap between the Granada and the Mini.

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