Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962)

1 character mistake - chronological order

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The Jar - S2-E17

Character mistake: Charlie tells Thedy that the hair ribbon embroidered with her name cost 65 cents, "five cents a letter." But her name is Thedy Sue Hill, which is only 12 letters - or 60 cents worth. (And no, the extra is not due to a sales tax, which in 1962 would have been two cents, tops, and didn't even exist yet in many states.). (00:12:00)

Jean G

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Suggested correction: This was not an error. Charlie is a bumpkin. He was ripped off due to his lack of intelligence.

Isabel - S2-E31

Continuity mistake: During his questioning inside the house, Clemens' hair goes back and forth from falling over his forehead to brushed back several times between takes. (00:05:00)

Jean G

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