The Flintstones

The Flintstones (1960)

2 mistakes in The Birthday Party

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The Birthday Party - S3-E28

Continuity mistake: When Barney is at the pay phone, there is a dial in the centre of it, but when he sees the car going off on its own with Fred in the driving seat, we cut back to Barney and the dial has disappeared.

The Birthday Party - S3-E28

Continuity mistake: When Fred picks up the receiver on the telephone, there are five holes on the dial, but when we a close-up of the dial in the next shot, there are now six holes on it.

Fred Flintstone: I love my dear sweet mother in-law. My mother in-law is a doll.
Attendant: Are you feeling all right, mister?
Fred Flintstone: Huh? Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
Attendant: Good. Good. You just stay in here and rest. That hot sun out there is a killer.
Fred Flintstone: Poor guy, he must have been standing in it for hours.

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Trivia: The show's original title was "The Flagstones.".

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