Night Gallery

Quoth the Raven - S2-E37

Factual error: While Edgar Allan Poe is penning his famous poem, a close-up of the paper shows us that he's misspelled his own middle name as "Allen." (00:00:50)

Jean G

House - with Ghost - S2-E26

Factual error: Ellis trots up the stairs with his wife's dinner, shaking and bouncing the tray all the way. But when he arrives, the liquid in the tray's very full glass of milk hasn't spilled a single drop. (00:14:30)

Jean G

Camera Obscura - S2-E36

Factual error: Gingold's camera obscura shows us a cross-fade. That's a special effect the Victorian device wasn't capable of performing. (00:06:45)

Jean G

Cool Air - S2-E35

Factual error: Muñoz's name is misspelled on his headstone as "Dr. Juan Munos," omitting the tilde and changing the z to an s. (00:02:15)

Jean G

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