Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones (1971)

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The Reformation of Harry Briscoe - S2-E9

Trivia: Actress Jane Merrow confused the Smith and Jones aliases and called Pete Duel's character "Jones" in one scene. Duel saved the director a retake by ad-libbing back, "It's Smith, sweetheart." The exchange was left in, but still looks a bit odd, since Merrow's character had kept their names straight without any trouble in earlier scenes. (00:33:15)

Jean G

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Red Gap - S2-E17

Factual error: An egotistical, prissy and dishonest lawyer like Mr. Fletcher wouldn't make the mistake of allowing his name to be misspelled on his office door. It reads "Winfred Fletcher." His first name, as it's pronounced throughout the episode, is "Winford." (00:26:50)

Jean G
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Hannibal Heyes: Look, Wheat, I agree, we gotta bust him out. But it's gonna take finesse.
Kyle Murtry: Wheat didn't bring any of that.

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