Mad Men

Marriage of Figaro - S1-E3

Factual error: At the party in the second half of the episode Don Draper is seen filming indoors with a movie camera without floodlamps. The movie film of that era would have required much more light. And the camera would have made significant noise and require periodic winding, which did not happen.


Marriage of Figaro - S1-E3

Factual error: When Draper is visiting the department store and they're walking up the stairs, a modern-day gray car (Mercedes Benz or SmartCar) is seen whizzing by in the background. (00:16:20)

Marriage of Figaro - S1-E3

Factual error: Don brings home Sally a new dog for her birthday at the end of the episode. Clearly an oversight considering the girth of the wide muzzle and "blockier" forehead of the dog. This presumably leads the informed viewer to surmise that the dog is a British Golden Retriever, a far fetched tale considering the lack of communication between European and American dog breeders during the cold war era. Taking this assumption one step further, the cream colour of the coat is also an indication of a later time period, as the cream colour was only introduced in the past twenty (20) years for British sub-genus.


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Pete Campbell: A thing like that.



When Christina Hendricks is about to leave the office, while talking to Don, she is wearing a scarf on her hair. The scarf corner is alternatively tucked in her coat collar and then outside, and inside again etc. in alternate angle shots of the scene.



The character Ted Chaough is briefly heard ordering an "Old Spanish" at a bar during the episode. This is a very quick and subtle reference to the popular cult-comedy series "30 Rock." In "30 Rock", the "Old Spanish" is a fake drink that character Cooter Burger is jokingly convinced is real as a prank by co-workers at the White House. The drink was rather nauseatingly comprised of red wine, tonic water and olives. "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm had previously co-starred on "30 Rock" and is friendly with its creator Tina Fey, thus the reference.