The Munsters

The Munsters (1964)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Munster Masquerade 0
2 My Fair Munster 0
3 A Walk on the Mild Side 0
4 Rock-a-Bye Munster 0
5 Pike's Pique 1
6 Low-Cal Munster 2
7 Tin Can Man 0
8 Herman the Great 0
9 Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie 0
10 Autumn Croakus 1
11 The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster 0
12 The Sleeping Cutie 0
13 Family Portrait 0
14 Grandpa Leaves Home 0
15 Herman's Rival 1
16 Grandpa's Call of the Wild 0
17 All-Star Munster 0
18 If a Martian Answers, Hang Up 0

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Herman: After I'm through with you, you're never going to gamble again as long as you live.
Eddie: How much do you wanna bet?
Herman: I'll bet you a quarter, and I'll give you two to one!



In the first scene of the episode, a crew member is visible through an open door beside the staircase.



Grandpa is only 3 years older than Herman Munster and 1 year younger than Lily Munster, in real life.