Leave It To Beaver
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 2
18 The Garage Painters 0
19 Wally's Pug Nose 0
20 Beaver's Pigeons 1
21 The Tooth 0
22 Beaver Gets Adopted 0
23 The Haunted House 0
24 The Bus Ride 0
25 Beaver and Gilbert 0
26 Price of Fame 0
27 A Horse Named Nick 0
28 Beaver's Hero 1
29 Beaver Says Good-bye 0
30 Beaver's Newspaper 0
31 Beaver's Sweater 0
32 Friendship 0
33 Dance Contest 0
34 Wally's Haircomb 0
35 The Cookie Fund 0
36 Forgotten Party 0
37 Beaver the Athlete 0
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Eddie Haskell: Not me! Your father doesn't like me.
Wally Cleaver: Why would you say that?
Eddie Haskell: On account of the way he looks at me when he opens the door. Sometimes I think he'd be happier to see Khrushchev standing there.

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