McLeod's Daughters
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Tess Silverman McLeod: You are feeling guilty, aren't you?
Nick Ryan: So take advantage.
Tess Silverman McLeod: Oh, I intend to.

Alex Ryan: I'm no expert but I reckon you're jealous. You don't like the idea of sharing Tess with anyone else, do you?
Nick Ryan: You're right. You're no expert.

Dave Brewer: Turn it up, we're taking over.

Tess Silverman McLeod: You are a petty, greedy, money hungry... cattle barron.
Nick Ryan: Well then try this, we're over.
Tess Silverman McLeod: We never began.
Nick Ryan: Well fantastic, we agree.
Tess Silverman McLeod: Yeah you bet we do.

Tess Silverman McLeod: Perhaps she thinks alpacas are cool.
Jodi Fountain: Yeah, it seems a pity to shatter her illusions.

Tess Silverman McLeod: Why are you being such an idiot?
Nick Ryan: Why are you being so gullible?

Becky Howard: Men! You can't live with em, you can't shoot em.

Stevie Hall: Do me a favor.
Tess Silverman McLeod: You do me one. Butt out.

Jodi Fountain: I am beginning to wonder if Stevie is seriously mentally unbalanced.
Stevie Hall: We've got to check the water pumps, even the mentally unbalanced have to work.

Claire McLeod: Put it away mate.
Alex Ryan: Get out of here, I'm a man, she's a woman.
Claire McLeod: Thanks, so what does that make me?
Alex Ryan: Why you're a... you're a Claire.

Claire McLeod: Well if Clint Eastwood turns up to save us - tell him to rack off.

Claire McLeod: What Alex? It's just a boob.
Alex Ryan: Yeah but it's a breastfeeding boob, not a groping boob.

Alex Ryan: I love it when you talk dirty.

Dave Brewer: Maybe we could pose with some stock... like the sheep.
Nick Ryan: Sure that'll look great! three naked guys and a paddock full of pregnant sheep.

Dirty Pool - S1-E14

Continuity mistake: When Tess is stuck in the mud with her car and Alex is helping her to get out, during their "fight" the mud on Tess' blouse changes a lot.

Ronnie Bischof
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