The Mighty Boosh

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Easter egg: Watch the main menu on the second disk of the season 2 DVD. Let the music play through once, then press 'right'. A yellow monkey head will appear. If you click that, a rap about Naboo the Shaman will play accompanied by clips of Naboo from the show.

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Continuity mistake: In the season 3 episode "Party", during the crowd scenes at the party there is a girl with a blonde bob cut and a pink and black leopard print top who noticeably and dramatically changes places between shots. A good example is when Howard is giving his speech and she is at the front of the crowd, then suddenly appears on the complete opposite side of the room next to Vince's bedroom door, and then appears in the middle of the crowd, dancing.

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Tony Harrison: I come fully equipped with a papoose! I slip into it like a peanut. If you don't like the papoose system I have a wheel that clicks into place under my chin.
Saboo: Must I assemble this Kinder Egg?

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