Walker, Texas Ranger

Mustangs - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: When the criminals drive back to Walker's truck, the driver destroys three of his tires and the radiator by shooting at them. When he goes to unplug the CB radio, the right rear tire that was deflated has somehow inflated. When Walker returns to his truck, the tire is back to being deflated.

T.j. Worthington

Francis Gage: I'd like a soda, C.D.
C.D. Parker: Is your foot in a bear trap? You've been comin' here long enough. Get your own soda.

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Show generally

Question: In one of the episodes, C.D. takes Walker, Jimmy and Alex out on a new boat that he had recently purchased. While on the water, a group of people on another boat start shouting to them but they can't hear what's being said. Eventually, C.D. and group realise that they're being told the boat they're on is starting to sink. What caused the boat to sink?

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