Gunsmoke (1955)

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1 Matt Gets It 0
2 Hot Spell 0
3 Word of Honor 0
4 Home Surgery 0
5 Obie Tater 0
6 Night Incident 0
7 Smoking Out the Nolans 0
8 Kite's Reward 0
9 The Hunter 0
10 The Queue 0
11 General Parcley Smith 0
12 Magnus 0
13 Reed Survives 0
14 Professor Lute Bone 0
15 No Handcuffs 0
16 Reward for Matt 0
17 Robin Hood 0
18 Yorky 0

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In the opening scene Marshal Dillon walks in Boot Hill cemetery. Dates on grave markers include 1883 and 1882. At the end of the episode Marshal Dillon and Chester discuss an Army deserter who had just been acquitted of a murder that Marshal Dillon was sure he had committed. The army deserter is being sent back to his unit to fight the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians under Gen. Custer. The viewer knows the army deserter will soon die in the Battle of Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876 - seven years before the date on one of the grave markers.