Gunsmoke (1955)

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1 Matt Gets It 0
2 Hot Spell 0
3 Word of Honor 0
4 Home Surgery 0
5 Obie Tater 0
6 Night Incident 0
7 Smoking Out the Nolans 0
8 Kite's Reward 0
9 The Hunter 0
10 The Queue 0
11 General Parcley Smith 0
12 Magnus 0
13 Reed Survives 0
14 Professor Lute Bone 0
15 No Handcuffs 0
16 Reward for Matt 0
17 Robin Hood 0
18 Yorky 0

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Festus Haggen: Don't you think somebody oughta reckon with him, Matthew?
U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon: What did you say his name was again, Festus?
Festus Haggen: I think its Sinclair... Jack Sinclair.
U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon: He's got no left hand?
Festus Haggen: That's right. Anyways, don't you think somebody ought to go reckon with him?
U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon: No.
Festus Haggen: Why not, Matthew?
U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon: Because it was my bullet that took his hand.



Festus returns from catfish fishing carrying a gunny sack full of fish that is bone dry when it should be dripping wet or at the minimum damp from the fish.