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Son of Hades - S2-E2

Corrected entry: Vorenus declares that he is the son of Hades. Hades was a Greek god, the Romans called him Pluto or Dis. He should have called himself a son of Pluto, not Hades.

Correction: Vorenus would have been well aware of the Greek god Hades and that could have been a character choice. It's not a secret that Hades and Pluto are the same Deity, and with Rome having a Greek quarter during this period, Vorenus would have been exposed to both names.

A Necessary Fiction - S2-E8

Corrected entry: During the dinner scene where Octavian confronts his family and Marc Anthony about their various infidelities, he refers to Agrippa as "a low born Pleb". This is done to amplify the disgrace to Marc Anthony of his wife having an affair with Agrippa. But the real Agrippa definitely was not a Pleb but a member of the Equestrians, the second tier of Roman aristocracy. This can be easily confused as in 43AD Agrippa became Tribute of the Plebs. But this office was open to both Plebs and Equestrians by this time, but not Patricians such as Octavian. Given Octavian's thoroughness, it is hard to believe this is a character mistake.

Marcus Scott

Correction: Even though one may agree that calling Marcus Vipsanus Agrippa a lowly pleb is harsh, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus was in his right to do it. Yes, Agrippa was an equestrian of the second tier of the Roman nobility, but this tier were also plebeians or plebs. Only patricians like Octavian are not considered plebs in ancient Rome, and EVERYONE else (not slaves or freedmen though), no matter how rich or powerful, were in the legal sense plebs. Even Pompeius Magnus and Cicero.

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The verse Octavia recites is from Virgilius' poem "the Aeneid". That poem was written at least a quarter of a decade after the death of Caesar.



Although they didn't have any scenes together, Kevin McKidd (Vorenus) and Tobias Menzies (Brutus) would discuss their characters and brainstorm about how to portray them, because they felt their characters went through very similar moral conflicts. Confirmed by Kevin McKidd on the season one DVD commentary.