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The Bob Newhart Show (1972)

5 mistakes in show generally - chronological order

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Other mistake: In the opening credits, Bob answers the phone. None of the buttons light up when the phone rings. On that style of phone, the light would indicate which line to answer. The phone is obviously a prop.

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Deliberate mistake: The circular desk where Carol sits should be rotated 180 degrees so she is facing the elevators. How many times have you gotten off an elevator in a fancy office building only to see the back of the receptionist's head?

William Bergquist

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the opening credits where Bob is on the 'el' platform, the train car he is sitting in is different from the one he enters in the scene before. The car he is shown entering is an older car with small windows and the car he is sitting in is a newer model with much larger windows.

Show generally

Factual error: The apartment makes no sense.There are 3 steps down to the living room which you might have in a house but not in a high rise apartment building.The hallway shows a door for another apartment which would put most of its apartment out past the edge of the building.


Howard Borden: I was, uh, just decorating my Christmas tree and I was wondering, is there a trick to stringing cranberry sauce?

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Trivia: The final episode of "Newhart" revealed that the whole series was a dream of Robert Hartley from this series.

Cubs Fan

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