Into the West
Movie Quote Quiz

Red Lance: You... read all these books?
Voices That Carry: There's much to learn from them.
Red Lance: What good is this knowledge?
Voices That Carry: You have many questions Red Lance, but you have no desire to hear the answers.
Red Lance: And you do not wish to learn.
Voices That Carry: I've told you. The Ghost Dance is only superstition. Spirits can't help our people. Only we can do that for ourselves.
Red Lance: You do not have ears. You will not listen.

Chow-Ping Yen: You have a village?
Abe Wheeler: Americans don't belong to any one place. As soon as they get settled, they get restless for something more.

Naomi Wheeler: What is that?
Burnt by the Sun: Special oils that make Prairie Fire burn all night.

Jethro Wheeler: I've always been envious of you brother. You always had that spark, that sense of adventure. I always wished I could be like that... Like you.
Jacob Wheeler: You are like me Jethro.
Jethro Wheeler: That's the nicest thing you could say to me.

Jedediah Smith: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and take hold of my boot.

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