Arrested Development
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 2
2 Top Banana 4
3 Bringing Up Buster 5
4 Key Decisions 5
5 Charity Drive 5
6 Visiting Ours 3
7 In God We Trust 2
8 My Mother The Car 7
9 Storming the Castle 1
10 Pier Pressure 2
11 Public Relations 0
12 Marta Complex 0
13 Beef Consomme 1
14 Shock and Aww 0
15 Staff Infection 0
16 Altar Egos (1) 0
17 Justice Is Blind (2) 1
18 Missing Kitty 0

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Lucille: I'm giving the company to Buster.
Michael: Buster? You're giving the company to a guy who thought the blue on the map was land?



When Lindsay has just returned home and is placing the flowers she has bought into a vase, we see her remove the flowers from the shopping bag and place them on the kitchen worktop. A few shots later, the flowers have moved back into the bag and we see Lindsay remove them again.



Amy Poehler who guest stars on a number of episodes as GOB's wife is in fact really married to the actor who plays GOB (Will Arnett) in real life.