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Factual error: In an earlier episode where Edie and Susan are driving Martha Huber's ashes to the lake to be spread, Edie gets a flat tire and Susan changes it. In Season 5 Episode 19, All the girls are driving with Edie's ashes and they get a flat tire. Susan asks "Does anyone know how to change a flat tire?" Did she forget how to change a tire?


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Factual error: Season 2, episode 20: Gabrielle visits Dale, her adopted child's natural father, at his high school and interrupts a pep rally for the football team's upcoming game. Dale, the team's Quarterback, even says that in the last game, he threw for 260 yards. The problem is that it is spring. Dale has just returned from a week in Florida for Spring Break. Football season is over. Basketball season should be over or ending soon. There couldn't have been a pep rally if the season is over.

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Love Is in the Air (a.k.a. What I Did for Love) - S1-E14

Factual error: Lynette's neighbor tells her that the pot Lynette's sons gave her is really hers, the neighbor's, and she bought it in Costa Rica. She turns the pot over to show Lynette that the price is marked on the bottom, with a number followed by the letter p. One supposes that the p might stand for peso, except that the currency of Costa Rica is the colon, which consists of 100 centavos. No p in sight.


Thank You So Much - S2-E15

Factual error: It is the weekend and Valentine's Day. We see in the following episode that it's 2006 and their calendar matches the real one, but Valentine's Day was on Tuesday that year.


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Factual error: In the ep in season four where Victor drifts ashore, someone calls the police officer at Gabrielle's home and informs him that Victor has been found. The officer answers the call, listens for about one second and then hangs up. In that one second he's gotten four sentences of information to pass on to Gabrielle about her husbands whereabouts. There wouldn't have been time to tell him so much in so little time.

We're Gonna Be All Right - S2-E12

Factual error: When Susan has an MRI scan she walks into the scanning room with the radiographer wearing jeans and an underwire bra, both of which are not to be worn in the scanning room due to the power of the magnet which would pull her towards the scanner. She also is carrying her handbag which also would be pulled against the scanner. She is left fully clothed as she enters the scanner, wearing the under-wire bra would pin her down to the scanner. A coil must also be wrapped around the area being looked at so that images can be obtained, she did not have anywhere near her body. The radiographer also had pens in his pocket which would easily fly out and towards the scanner.

One Wonderful Day - S1-E23

Factual error: This is for one episode 1-23. In the beginning, there is a shot of a calendar for March 1990. It shows March 1st being a Wednesday. March 1, 1990 was a Thursday.


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Factual error: When Gabrielle becomes a widow she marries Carlos again in front of a priest. But the Catholic Church doesn't admit divorce, so in their eyes Gabrielle and Carlos were still married. They should have repeated a civil wedding, since only the civil effects of marriage were ended with their divorce.

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