Wonder Woman
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The Return of Wonder Woman - S2-E1

Visible crew/equipment: While the jet is flying over the Bermuda Triangle the steward releases the gas into the air, and when Steve rushes toward him in the wideshot we can see a crewmember wearing jeans and a blue shirt, at the right side of the screen.

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Knockout - S2-E5

Visible crew/equipment: When the hit-man is loading his gun in the alley in preparation to kill Diana, a crew member is reflected in the storefront "Humburgers" window.

Screaming Javelins - S2-E14

Visible crew/equipment: After Wonder Woman rescues Nadia's boyfriend by tossing the two bad guys off screen, you can see the shadow of a stage hand adjusting a prop of some kind. This can be seen directly behind Wonder Woman as she's grabbing the rope to go and tie the two bad guys together.

Anschluss '77 - S2-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Joe Atkinson walks into Steve's office and comments that during WWII he "was wrapped in a cloak and carrying a dagger for the OSS," in the next shot the shadow of the boom mic can be seen moving on the wall, at the top right corner of the screen.

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