The King of Queens

Assaulted Nuts - S2-E3

Continuity mistake: When Carrie confronts Arthur about looking in her bag, her bra strap is slightly hidden by her top. Camera cuts to a front view of Carrie then back to behind her. Now her bra strap has moved and is totally visible. Carrie never touched it during this time as we see her hands.


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Assaulted Nuts - S2-E3

Continuity mistake: After Doug has shot himself, the position of the staple gun on the bench keeps changing without anyone touching it.


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Assaulted Nuts - S2-E3

Continuity mistake: When Doug has just shot himself and Carrie calls him at work, he looks back to Deacon before answering the phone. On the platform behind Deacon, a woman IPS employee appears instantly. Also, the IPS staff walking behind them do not match between shots.

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The Minister

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Carrie Heffernan: Ok, Maybe you're a little...big.
Arthur Spooner: Why is this even a discussion? The man's gargantuan.



When Carrie phones Doug at IPS, Doug goes to press the button on the phone for the correct line, but doesn't press any and continues to talk to Carrie.



Kevin James, who plays lead character Doug, and Gary Valentine, who plays his cousin Danny, are in fact real life brothers, with Gary being over 4 yrs older.