Hex (2004)

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The Story Begins - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Cassie is walking at Campus and is run into by 2 boys. She drops her art drawings on the ground. 1 boy attempts to help her pick them up but she says no thanks. After she picks them up and during her talk with her teacher, the order of the drawings changes between shots, from pencil drawings to a color painting of a inverted figure back to the pencil drawings.

Randy DeShong

Lilith Hughes: It isn't going to protect her, is it?
Azazeal: You did the right thing.
Lilith Hughes: She's my only girl. You won't hurt her?
Azazeal: Have I ever hurt you?
Lilith Hughes: I want to know. I want to know what'll happen.
Azazeal: It will blind her to the possessed. Nothing more.
Lilith Hughes: Is that a good thing?
Azazeal: Well, if she can't see them, she can't worry about them, can she?

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