Spaced (1999)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Beginnings 0
2 Gatherings 0
3 Art 0
4 Battles 1
5 Chaos 0
6 Epiphanies 0
7 Ends 1
Season 2
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1 Back 0
2 Change 0
3 Mettle 0
4 Help 0
5 Gone 0
6 Dissolution 0
7 Leaves 1

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When Mike is describing his attempted invasion of Paris to the TA officers, he mentions going on Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris. However, Mike says that it happened in 1994, which must be correct, as the officers in an important interview like this would pick him up on the inaccuracy. Space Mountain did not open until 1995.



After Tim goes back to work for Bilbo, as they are walking down the street doing the 'happy dance' Tim picks up a woman and spins her round. This is Simon Pegg's (Tim) mum.