The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Episode 3 - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: At the point where someone gets a small bruise on the upper arm, the crew are all in a pile and thrashing about on the floor. There are 5 pairs of legs instead of 4. Arthur is in his pajamas, Zaphod is in orange trousers, Trillion is lying on top of Ford and Ford is too far away for them to be his legs. [The fifth pair of legs belong to the person playing zaphod's third arm - doesn't mean it's not a mistake, but that's where they come from.]

Episode 1 - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the Guide entry on the Babel Fish, the teletype text that displays the words spoken by the guide stops after the word 'anything', but the voice of the book speaks a further line.

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Episode 4 - S1-E4

Audio problem: When Deep Thought is describing how he's going to create a new computer, he describes it as "a computer that can calculate the answer to the ultimate question." This is wrong: Deep Thought himself just did that. The new computer is supposed to calculate the question, not the answer.

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Episode 1 - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Ford and Arthur are looking through the bins aboard the spaceship, the fourth bin's lid closes by itself when the camera angle changes.

Episode 3 - S1-E3

Other mistake: The instructions for the "manual improbability button" are written in English on an alien spaceship.

Episode 3 - S1-E3

Revealing mistake: Right after we see the two suns of Magrathea, the screen fades to another scene. As the screen fades, pay close attention to the sun on the right. You will notice that the "sun" is actually a light bulb that turns off right as the screen changes shots.

Episode 1 - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Arthur is aboard the spaceship, his hair style has changed from the style he had when he was in his house and the pub earlier in this episode.

Slartibartfast: I'd much rather be happy than right, any day.
Arthur Dent: And are you?
Slartibartfast: No. That's where it all breaks down, of course.

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Trivia: Douglas Adams makes several cameo appearences in the series. A drinker in the pub in part one, the man walking into the sea and a member of the Cirius Cybernetics marketing division in part two.


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Episode 6 - S1-E6

Question: When Marvin is left behind in the Disaster Area ship as the others teleport away, he says, "I'm so intelligent I've probably got time to go through the five." before he is cut off. Is there anything in the books or rest of the series which suggests what we was about to say?

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Chosen answer: That seems to be an error in the subtitling of the episode. What Marvin actually says is: "I may just be a menial robot, but I'm far too intelligent to expect to think of me for a moment... far too intelligent..."

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