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Down The Hatch (1) - S7-E11

Corrected entry: Denise is on death row for the killing of 2 children. The problem is that there is no death row in Massachusetts. Massachusetts no longer has the death penalty. They have not executed anyone since 1976. There are no people currently on death row. Information comes from the Death Penalty Information Center.


Correction: You are working on the false assumption that the episode is about Massachusetts, it isn't! The episode is about New Hampshire.

Pro Se - S6-E13

Continuity mistake: During the pre-trial hearing between Frutt and Lowe, Frutt's hair alternates between being back off her shoulders to down over her left/right side. She at no time uses her hands to move the hair.

Randy DeShong

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Bobby Donnell: It's better that ten guilty men go free, than one innocent man suffer.

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Life Sentence - S4-E22

Trivia: Camryn Manheim uses sign language with her client, played by Marlee Matlin. Before becoming an actress, Camryn Manheim actually worked as a sign language interpreter and job trainer/placement specialist for the deaf. She also used her sign language skills in an episode of "Law and Order" called "Benevolence," where she portrayed a defense attorney for a deaf man accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Michael Albert

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