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Audio problem: 2nd January 2004 - Cameron shouted "Don't you want a lift?" out of the car when his friends ran away (thinking it was a killer that had stolen the car.) His lips moved when he spoke, but it was obviously a dub as the words didn't match.

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Continuity mistake: Monday 5th June 2006: When Becca first goes back to school, after her husband found out she was having an affair with Justin, she walks into her classroom and closes the door. The shot changes to Justin and then back to Becca and she is closing the door again.

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Plot hole: Everyone is puzzling over who pushed Clare Cunningham off The Loft steps. However, when she comes out of The Loft onto the steps just before she is pushed, a CCTV camera is visible above the door covering where she was pushed, meaning that whoever did it should have been recorded. Even if this camera is not real, Warren stated that he would be able to "have you're (Katy and Louise's) every move on CCTV", meaning that somewhere in The Loft Justin would have been captured on camera.

Jack Osborne: If she's old enough to be in college then I'm Miss World.
Sam 'OB' O'Brien: Then put your bikini on, Jack, 'cause she's doing media studies.

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Trivia: Although Chelsee Healey plays the mother of Theo Graham and Malique Thompson-Dwyer, she is only nine years older than Graham and ten years older than Thompson-Dwyer.

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