Danger Mouse
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Season 1
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1 Rogue Robots 0
2 Who Stole The Bagpipes? 0
3 The Trouble With Ghosts 0
4 The Chicken Run 0
5 The Martian Misfit 0
6 The Dream Machine 0
7 Lord Of The Bungle 0
8 Die Laughing 0
9 The World Of Machines 0
10 Ice Station Camel 0
11 The Plague Of Pyramids 0
Season 2
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1 Custard 0
2 Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind 0
3 The Duel 1
4 The Day of the Suds 0
5 The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God 0
6 The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse 0

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Penfold: Ah, good morning milkman, I'm just going to do my exercises.
El Loco: Ah si, you run, eh, you swim, you jump.
Penfold: No I lift the milk bottles.
El Loco: Guantanamera gringo.
Penfold: Er, no thanks, but we want some on Saturdays.
El Loco: If Saturday ever comes, eh?
Penfold: Erm, pardon?
El Loco: No importa! Hasta la vista!
Penfold: No just my pyjamas! Cor you can always tell whether they've been to Majorca for their hols. He even looks like that vicious Mexican bandit El Loco.



Although Danger Mouse is supposed to be on his own, when he turns a corner in the car, in the overhead shot, you can see Penfold sat next to him.



Nero, the pet "hairy caterpillar creature" of Baron Greenback speaks in a strange gibberish. In fact this 'gibberish' is a recording of David Jason (who also provided the voice of Dangermouse, amongst others) albeit it speeded up and played backwards.