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She's the One - S6-E6

Corrected entry: At the end of the previous episode, JT's girlfriend appears in the last scene speaking to Dana; it's apparent that she's already dating JT. However, she is not introduced into the series until this episode. (00:21:00 - 00:21:40)

Correction: The episodes of season 6 were aired out of order by ABC. It's not a mistake by the show as the showrunners, writers and producers would have no control over that kind of studio decision.

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How the West Was Won - S6-E10

Corrected entry: When Black Bart repeats his line about how sheriff Frank is a washed up, yellow bellied, gin guzzling pile of buffalo chips his French accent is gone and the actor's real American accent is heard.

Correction: This was done deliberately for laughs. The other characters are unable to understand what he says with the heavy French accent, so he switches to the American accent so they can understand.

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Bonjour Jean-Luc - S6-E24

Corrected entry: Jean-Luc has been around the entire season, yet now he shows up and nobody knows who he is?

Correction: For whatever reason, ABC aired the episodes of this season out of order. It's not a mistake by the creators of the show, as they had no control over ABC's decision.

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Talking Trash - S6-E20

Corrected entry: Rich kisses the right side of Dana's neck and finds a yummy spot. Later he kisses her on the neck again and finds the yummy spot once more. Problem is, now he's on her left side not her right.

Correction: Just as an example, on my wife's neck, every spot is a yummy spot. Rich felt the same way.

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