Step By Step

Step By Step (1991)

Episode list

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Show generally 2
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 (pilot) 0
2 The Dance 1
3 Rules of the House 0
4 First Anniversary 0
5 Frank & Son 0
6 Pulling Together 0
7 Yo-Yo's Wedding 0
8 Just for Kicks 0
9 Into the Woods 0
10 Mixed Messages 0
11 A Day in the Life 1
12 The New Car 0
13 Getting Organized 0
14 Home Alone 0
15 Drive, He Said 0
16 Bully for Mark 0
17 The Boys in the Band 1
18 School Daze 0

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Cody Lambert: Woah! A Canadian penny! Now I can buy bubble gum! That is, if I go to Canadia.



Carol and Frank leave for a romantic weekend and Dana begins to tutor Rich for a test in English Literature. When Frank and Carol return on Sunday Rich has not only studied for the test but also TAKEN the test and gotten the results back. How is that possible over a weekend?



All of Rich and Dana's kids (in Dana's vision of their future) are named after their parents, save for one who Rich calls Ross.