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Mad About You (1992)

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Corrected entry: Depending on the episode, before Paul and Jamie moved in together, Paul either lived A) across the street from Jamie, alone (she trusted him because he had to go home to his dog at night, which would indicate he didn't have a roommate); B) in Kramer's apartment, with no mention of a roommate; or C) somewhere with Ira. Ira also states in one episode that Paul has never lived alone.

Correction: Self-correcting error. A) Many pet owners go home to their pets because they either care to be there for the animal's sake or for their own. A roomate may not be a sufficient substitution to the pet or to the owner. It isn't only about food and water for animal lovers. Besides, if Paul has a dog, he isn't 'alone'. B) No mention of a roomate doesn't mean no roomate, just no mention. C) If Ira says Paul never lived alone, he can mean a roomate or a pet was always there. As for the locations, we find Paul moved a few times prior to living with Jamie. Without specific overlapping of dates (which can also be excused by faulty human memory), there's no mistake.


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