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Other mistake: December 1986, when Anna comes to GH in her ball gown that she wore when she and Duke first met, the dress is not the same. It was sleeveless June 6, 1986. Now it has sleeves.

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Deliberate mistake: During the 6/11/04 episode, Jax and Courtney are having dinner in Italy. Carly, who is in New York, does some sleuthing, finds out where Jax and Courtney are, and flies to Italy. Miraculously, Carly manges to fly from New York to Italy and arrive while Jax and Courtney are still eating dinner.

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Ric Lansing: Ms. Cassadine, I know you're not stupid. You know you're only hope is to let her go.
Helena Cassadine: Oh, hope? hope is overrated.

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