Kim Possible

Kim Possible (2002)

1 corrected entry in Attack of the Killer Bebes

Attack of the Killer Bebes - S1-E9

Corrected entry: When Professor Chen says "It's college all over again, that man cannot build a robot" and professor Ramesh says "Yeah, he should take up cloning" and as seen in a later episode when Drakken makes Syntho-chemical duplicates that can be dissolved by soda, he can't do cloning right either.

Correction: Ramesh comments that Drakken should try cloning, suggesting that either he has no prior knowledge of any past cloning failures by Drakken, or Drakken has not yet attempted cloning. There is neither past evidence of Drakken's involvement in cloning, nor is there any ability to predict the future on the part of Ramesh. Therefore Ramesh's comment is not in error.



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