Kim Possible

Rewriting History - S2-E32

Corrected entry: In the scene where Detective Johnathan Stoppable is chauffeuring Police Chief Barkin around the World's Fair, they respond to a cry for help from Professor DeMentz. Upon arriving at DeMentz's exhibit, they find DeMentz lying prone on the ground. Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable help him up off of the floor, and as they do, they spot Miriam "Mim" Possible running from the exhibit. Later in the show, we see Mim at the exhibit helping DeMentz off of the floor prior to his calling for/the arrival of Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable. Mim then runs off after the thief who robbed DeMentz.

Correction: It is a flashback, not the real thing, so details that were missed might have been corrected later as the story progressed.

Past (2) - S2-E22

Corrected entry: In the movie "A Stitch in Time" when Mr. Paisley and the insurance guy are trapped in the laser web, the web keeps changing around them.

Correction: "It is quite evident that the purpose of the laser web is to kill intruders. Perhaps the web changes its pattern in order to kill anyone who survived its initial activation, or in order to cut up the bodies of dead burglars into small enough pieces to make clean-up more managable."

Show generally

Corrected entry: Most of the gadgets Kim uses just couldn't work, simply for space reasons. For instance, the hair drier/ grappling hook couldn't work, because the hook is much larger than the opening it comes through. Also, all that rope couldn't fit inside that hair drier. The Kimmunicator has so many attachments that they couldn't possibly all fit inside it. In "A Stitch in Time Part One: Present" When Kim is going land surfing in Australia, the keychain-sized land surfers expand into regular sized land surfers, which just isn't possible. Mistakes like these run throughout the series.

Correction: Which makes sense, seeing as how the show doesn't "fit" into reality. How many teen superheros do you know?

Show generally

Corrected entry: In A Sitch in Time, we see that it takes Ron all night to get half way around the world to help Kim. However, Kim seems to be able to impossibly get half way around the world within an hour almost every episode.

Correction: The scenes don't prove that it takes Kim less than 1hour because it cuts to the end of her trip which could be 24hours or more later.

Ron the Man - S1-E20

Corrected entry: No scientist would create something that mixes time, space, etc. into a Nevada-sized vortex of doom. There would be absolutely no purpose for it, except to be stolen by villains like Dementor and used for evil.

Correction: J Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists that helped build the atomic bomb, was quoted as saying "My God, what have we done?" when he witnessed the first nuclear explosion. Scientists can be short sighted too.


Attack of the Killer Bebes - S1-E9

Corrected entry: When Professor Chen says "It's college all over again, that man cannot build a robot" and professor Ramesh says "Yeah, he should take up cloning" and as seen in a later episode when Drakken makes Syntho-chemical duplicates that can be dissolved by soda, he can't do cloning right either.

Correction: Ramesh comments that Drakken should try cloning, suggesting that either he has no prior knowledge of any past cloning failures by Drakken, or Drakken has not yet attempted cloning. There is neither past evidence of Drakken's involvement in cloning, nor is there any ability to predict the future on the part of Ramesh. Therefore Ramesh's comment is not in error.

Return to Wannaweep - S2-E25

Corrected entry: If you saw the movie, you know that Kim and Ron have done everything together since Preschool. If they had done everything together, Kim would have gone to Wannaweep with Ron, since it looked like he was in third grade, and she would have known about Gil's mutation way before this episode.

Correction: Then again, if you had seen the movie, you would also know that Kim joined the Cheerleading Squad years before Ron signed on as Mascot. Best friends don't always do everything together, especially if they're opposite genders. She could have gone to a different camp that summer (Cheer camp maybe?) and there, would NOT have known until then about Gil/Gill.

Animal Attraction - S1-E18

Corrected entry: The animology quiz took Kim all night to complete, so when did Kim's parents find the time to take the quiz and find out that they were soulmates?

Correction: If you noticed, Kim was having a hard time answering the questions, pondering over single questions for a long time. For a normal person, it doesn't usually take that long, so it's perfectly reasonable that her parents could take it much quicker.

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