Kim Possible

Rewriting History - S2-E32

Corrected entry: In the scene where Detective Johnathan Stoppable is chauffeuring Police Chief Barkin around the World's Fair, they respond to a cry for help from Professor DeMentz. Upon arriving at DeMentz's exhibit, they find DeMentz lying prone on the ground. Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable help him up off of the floor, and as they do, they spot Miriam "Mim" Possible running from the exhibit. Later in the show, we see Mim at the exhibit helping DeMentz off of the floor prior to his calling for/the arrival of Chief Barkin and Detective Stoppable. Mim then runs off after the thief who robbed DeMentz.

Correction: It is a flashback, not the real thing, so details that were missed might have been corrected later as the story progressed.

Past (2) - S2-E22

Corrected entry: In the movie "A Stitch in Time" when Mr. Paisley and the insurance guy are trapped in the laser web, the web keeps changing around them.

Correction: "It is quite evident that the purpose of the laser web is to kill intruders. Perhaps the web changes its pattern in order to kill anyone who survived its initial activation, or in order to cut up the bodies of dead burglars into small enough pieces to make clean-up more managable."

Return to Wannaweep - S2-E25

Corrected entry: If you saw the movie, you know that Kim and Ron have done everything together since Preschool. If they had done everything together, Kim would have gone to Wannaweep with Ron, since it looked like he was in third grade, and she would have known about Gil's mutation way before this episode.

Correction: Then again, if you had seen the movie, you would also know that Kim joined the Cheerleading Squad years before Ron signed on as Mascot. Best friends don't always do everything together, especially if they're opposite genders. She could have gone to a different camp that summer (Cheer camp maybe?) and there, would NOT have known until then about Gil/Gill.

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