Mercy - S5-E19

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of No Mercy - Season 5 Episode 19, Lional's limo comes to a screeching halt on railroad tracks. The camera is panned out to where you can see this happen. The black tire marks that are supposed to appear from the hard braking are already present, which means there were multiple takes.

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Splinter - S5-E7

Revealing mistake: After Lana is warned by Chloe that Clark has gone all 'Captain Paranoid', she examines the silver 'meteor rock' more closely. We see a shot of her hand holding the 'meteor rock' but the hand that is shown is obviously not Kristin Kreuk's hand.

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Lexmas - S5-E9

Revealing mistake: During the scene with Lana hemorrhaging after giving birth, and Lex being escorted out, we see him pounding on the door and disturbing the blinds, yet in all other shots of hospital rooms in Smallville, the blinds are on the insides of the rooms, not the outside of them.

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Hypnotic - S5-E16

Revealing mistake: After Simone's shower when she and Chloe meet, Simone is wrapped only in a blue towel, however, when she goes to the doot to call for Clark, underclothing in the form of a bra or a tube top is visible above the towel's edge.

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