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Nightwalkers - S6-E5

Corrected entry: At about 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode, Carter, Quinn and Teal'c are investigating the dead Dr. Richard Fleming's house. It shows a computer screen with the Disk Information open. It shows that not a single byte has been used on the disk (C: drive, so it's very unlikely a secondary drive). If not a byte has been used, why is an operating system running?


Correction: The Operating System (OS) could have been placed on another partition (in order to stop the good Dr. from playing around with it -I've had to do this in order to stop small children from doing it in my families homes-) or he could have the the secondary drive actually designated as C: drive & have the computer set up so it checks the secondary drive first for the OS.

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Coombs: I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments.
Felger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Coombs: Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts.
Felger: I don't get that.



Carter and Cadet Haley enter the Stargate and we see them through the "puddle." When they come out on the other side, their positions are reversed.



Dom DeLuise and his three sons Peter DeLuise (who has written, directed and produced a number of episodes), Michael DeLuise and David DeLuise have all appeared on the show at least once. Peter DeLuise has appeared many times.