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The Fifth Man - S5-E4

Corrected entry: If the SGC needed to lock up the team because they had been compromised, why on earth did they lock them in a room full of computers? Everyone knows that all three of them know how to use computers and likely one would hack into something.

Sol Parker

Correction: Hack into what? Personal files? Even if they had been compromised, they already knew everything there was worth knowing (besides of course knowing something that wasn't real) and protocol would change codes after members of the SGC were compromised so there was no threat there (codes are not kept on file...outside sources could hack in, as we find out with that user number guy). Finally, if they did find something out, who one will know but SG-1. They couldn't transmit information off world if the wormhole isn't active. All-in-all, Hammond probably hoped Carter would find out SG-1 was wrong after all.

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