The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Mario and Joliet - S1-E23

Revealing mistake: When the camera scrolls to Grunt (in the scene where the gang are locked up in a cell, being watched a strong, non-human security guard named Grunt), he appears out of thin air. The animators might have had some trouble putting him into the scrolling shot. (00:11:15)

Robo Koopa - S1-E52

Revealing mistake: In the first chase scene, the backgrounds are usually repeated in close-up shots, because you can see a sudden jump in the background animation. (00:00:40 - 00:02:25)


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Mario Mario: We need your Hocus Pocus. Can you make us fly?
Genie: Fly? Do you know what a drain that is on me?
Luigi: No problem. Any drain you got, we can fix. We're plumbers.
Mario Mario: Tell you what, you make us fly and I'll grease your palm with a gold coin.
Genie: Now you're talking. Eeenie meenie miney mo. Make'em fly. I need the dough.

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Answer: "Club Mario" was reruns of the original show repackaged with new live action segments. It was a cheap way to present the old animated episodes as a new show. Club Mario was incredibly unpopular and eventually reruns of the original show with the Captain Lou Albano segments were aired in its place.


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