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Corrected entry: In the episode with the rope swinging at the beginning when Tim has finished rope swinging he lifts is head a little, on the overhead shot you see the stunt mans face instead of Tim Allen's.

Correction: This submission is far too vague. Without the episode title or at least some indication of which episode this is from, the mistake is impossible to check or view.

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Corrected entry: On the show, "soda" is usually offered when asking if someone wants a drink. In Michigan we always refer to any carbonated drink as "pop". Maybe transplants might say soda, but if Tim and family have been there their whole lives, they would drink "pop".

Correction: What a family or person might call something is not solely determined on their location. Certain words like "pop" may be more commonly used in particular areas but it is not a mistake to call or refer to it by what youpersonally consider to be the uncommon term.

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Corrected entry: In the Episode "Stereo-Typical" where Tim is explaining the stereo system to Jill, Jill is reading a book with the title "The Great Divide". The camera goes back and forth to Jill and Tim and on the 3rd come back to Jill, the cover is gone.

Correction: Meaning Jill removed it and we didn't see her do it. There is no cut, just a jerky camera pan, and thus no time between takes and no continuity error.

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