Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Scavenger - S6-E4

Trivia: As the detectives are trying to find out from Doug Hutchinson's character where the victim is being held, the detectives find out he is somewhat claustrophobic. They decide to scare him and put him in a cupboard without any light. This is very similar to Doug Hutchinson's character in The Green Mile. The main characters decide to punish him and force him into a dark and small room.

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Trivia: Rafael Barba is the show's first regular ADA since Alex Cabot's departure, and the show's first male ADA.

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Trivia: Jerry Orbach's son Chris plays Lennie Briscoe's nephew Ken.

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Trivia: Season 9, Episode 3- "Impulsive" : The bus that Shane Mills boards has an advertisement for another NBC show, Heroes , on its side.

Trivia: Mariska Hargitay is a trained rape crisis counselor. She was inspired to pursue her certification, and founded the Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004, after she began receiving mail from fans disclosing, many for the first time, that they were survivors of sexual assault and/or abuse.

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Season 1 generally

Trivia: Reiko Aylesworth, who guest stars as an ADA in the episodes "Contact", "Remorse", and "Slaves", was one of the finalists for the role of Detective Benson.

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P.C. - S11-E13

Trivia: Guest star Kathy Griffin was Mariska Hargitay's improv teacher at the Groundlings theater company in Los Angeles.

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Trivia: At five complete seasons, Casey Novak is the longest-running Assistant District Attorney in the Law and Order franchise. While Jack McCoy was also a long-running ADA, he was eventually promoted to District Attorney, replacing Arthur Branch.

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Control - S5-E9

Trivia: Mariska Hargitay's father Mickey plays the grandfather on the escalator at the beginning of the episode.

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Misleader - S1-E17

Trivia: Robert and Bo Foxworth, who play father and son in this episode, are father and son in real life.

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Contact - S1-E19

Visible crew/equipment: As Detectives Munch and Jeffries enter the subway train where a rape took place, one of the cameras is noticeable just behind them.

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Born Psychopath - S14-E19

Dr. Huang: I'm conflicted about labeling a ten year old a psychopath. But...
Don Cragen: "But"?
Dr. Huang: I've had a chill like that two times in my life. With death row serial killers.

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