Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Payback 0
2 A Single Life 0
3 Or Just Look Like One 0
4 Hysteria 0
5 Wanderlust 1
6 Sophomore Jinx 1
7 Uncivilized 0
8 Stalked 0
9 Stocks & Bondage 1
10 Closure 0
11 Bad Blood 0
12 Russian Love Poem 0
13 Disrobed 0
14 Limitations 0
15 Entitled (1) 0
16 The Third Guy 0
17 Misleader 0
18 Chat Room 0

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Dr. Huang: I'm conflicted about labeling a ten year old a psychopath. But...
Don Cragen: "But"?
Dr. Huang: I've had a chill like that two times in my life. With death row serial killers.



In the final scene where Grace Mayberry's house is raided in Trenton, NJ. a New Jersey State Trooper is wearing a badge on his chest. The NJSP has always worn a triangular shaped badge on their hats.



As the detectives are trying to find out from Doug Hutchinson's character where the victim is being held, the detectives find out he is somewhat claustrophobic. They decide to scare him and put him in a cupboard without any light. This is very similar to Doug Hutchinson's character in The Green Mile. The main characters decide to punish him and force him into a dark and small room.