Everybody Loves Raymond

The Wedding (1) - S2-E24

New today Character mistake: When Debra is excitedly reading the heading of Ray's first column, she mistakenly says "by Robert Barone" instead of "by Ray Barone."

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New today Suggested correction: Debra doesn't say "Robert", she says, "More than a Game, by Raymond Barone."

Super Grover

Mozart - S2-E4

Character mistake: In this episode, Raymond says that after three times of proposing to Debra, she said no, and he didn't give up. However, in "The Pilot", Raymond says that the third time he proposed, she said yes.

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The Wedding (1) - S2-E24

Character mistake: When Deborah wants to show Raymond's newspaper article to Frank, she calls him "Ray" instead of Frank.

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