Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

2 corrected entries in The Wedding (1)

The Wedding (1) - S2-E24

New this week Corrected entry: When Debra is excitedly reading the heading of Ray's first column, she mistakenly says "by Robert Barone" instead of "by Ray Barone."

New this week Correction: Debra doesn't say "Robert", she says, "More than a Game, by Raymond Barone."

Super Grover

The Wedding (1) - S2-E24

Corrected entry: In this episode Ray refers to Debra's sister Jennifer's wedding. In a later episode Jennifer was never married and became a nun.

Correction: S04e06 "The Sister" is when Jennifer comes over to announce she's going to become a nun. There's never any mention she never married. While it doesn't bring up her husband or ex-husband, they do say she wouldn't be able to give up men (and joked she dated The Who), so she simply could have had a big wedding and then gotten divorced shortly after.




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