Julius Caesar
Movie Quote Quiz

Caesar: Are you trying to seduce me?
Cleopatra: I don't try! I seduce... or I don't.

Caesar: Cleopatra rules a large part of Africa.
Calpurnia: And ALL of you.

Aurelia: If you marry Cinna's daughter you will be identified with the popular party whether you wish or not.
Caesar: I wish it.
Aurelia: They are not our people.
Cousin: You wish to join with farmers and hagglers and beggars?
Caesar: Our family itself did not exactly drop straight out of Jupiter's ass.

Caesar: There's a lot of Rome still out there, it just isn't called Rome yet.

Trivia: Julius Caesar was married three times, not twice. His second wife (whom he divorced because of her alleged involvement in a religious scandal) was never mentioned in the miniseries.


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