Knots Landing

Knots Landing (1979)

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Episode Title Mistakes
Season 5
Season 5 generally0
1The People vs. Gary Ewing0
3Nowhere to Run0
4Marital Privileges0
5One Kind of Justice0
6...And Never Brought to Mind0
7Sacred Vows0
8A Change of Heart0
9Money Talks0
11I'll Tell You No Lies0
14Secrets Cry Aloud0
15Forsaking All Others0
16Reconcilable Differences0
17Second Chances0
18Lest the Truth be Known0
19So Shall You Reap0

Paige Matheson: You don't know the meaning of the word trust.
Anne W. Matheson Sumner: Sweetie, yes, I do.
Paige Matheson: The only kind of trust you know has the word "fund" behind it.

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Where There's a Will, There's a Way - S12-E23

Trivia: Mimi Kennedy plays Lar Pink-Lincoln's mother in this episode. In real life, Kennedy is only twelve years older than Pink-Lincoln.

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