Red Dwarf

Psirens - S6-E1

Question: How exactly did the crew 'lose' Red Dwarf?


Chosen answer: The details are never made particularly clear, except that the ship was, at some unspecified point, stolen by Kryten's rogue nanobots while the crew were away from the ship on Starbug. A short online comic produced by the BBC suggests that this happened directly after the events of the fifth series' final episode "Back to Reality", that the crew returned from their encounter with the despair squid to find Red Dwarf missing, although events in the recent revival, "Back to Earth" appear to contradict that.

Tailkinker Premium member

Psirens - S6-E1

Question: What exactly were the circumstances behind Lister being put into a suspended animation at the beginning of the episode?


Chosen answer: Starbug took 200 years to catch up with Red Dwarf, so Lister and Cat went into suspended animation while Kryten piloted Starbug after the ship.

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

Psirens - S6-E1

Question: If the nanobots made Red Dwarf microscopic, why do they need to go around the asteroid field?

Chosen answer: Everything's relative: microscopic asteroid particles would now be just as much a threat as their larger counterparts.

Jean G

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