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The good fight - S4-E13

Trivia: As of this episode, credits change due to the 9/11 attacks: Twin Towers next to Sarah Jessica Parker's name and the show's title are replaced with the Empire State Building and a different skyline, respectively.

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The good fight - S4-E13

Trivia: The entire closet scene is the longest scene that has ever played on the show, in terms of real time. During every single take, the actors played it from the beginning all the way through to the end. (00:12:00)


The good fight - S4-E13

Trivia: During this scene when Richard and Samantha are dancing by the pool, you can see the NYC skyline behind them. The World Trade Towers were visible right between them, when this was filmed. They were later taken out, and this was the only time in the entire series that anything was digitally removed from the show. They removed the World Trade Towers for two reasons: One; they would have changed the entire tone of the scene and made it sad and tragic. Two; when the show actually aired the World Trade Towers had already been destroyed. They wanted the show to appear current, as if it was happening now and not in the past. If they had left the World Trade Towers in the shot, it would have looked like it was filmed in the past. (00:24:10)


The good fight - S4-E13

Trivia: Carrie has just left her apartment and is walking down her street, which is empty. They did not close off traffic to film; it just happened to be a quiet New York City day with no traffic. (00:27:35)


The good fight - S4-E13

Trivia: This dog 'Pete' is not the original Pete dog, he is a replacement. The first dog was too scared being around John Corbett, so they had to replace him with a 'stunt' Pete dog. (00:02:00)

To market, to market - S6-E1

Plot hole: In this episode Carrie runs into Aidan, who now has what looks to be about a 6 month old baby (Tate). This doesn't seem possible, as Carrie and Aidan would have only broken up about a year ago, and Miranda was around 6 months pregnant when they broke up. Brady is only about 5 months old at this point in the series, leaving Aidan only roughly 8 months to have this baby - but Aidan lay in bed for about a month and then dated Nina Katz for awhile. Timeline just doesn't seem to fit.

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Samantha: There isn't enough wall space in New York City to hang all of my exes. Let me tell you, a lot of them were hung.

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Question: When Charlotte won't believe that Stanford's boyfriend Marcus used to be a callboy, Anthony says "Wake up and smell the KY". What is KY?

Answer: A popular brand of sexual lubricant. See

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