Sex and the City

All or nothing - S3-E10

Trivia: This scene was actually filmed at Bergdorf Goodman. And the plates they are holding, are actually the price mentioned in the show. (00:07:35)

Don't ask, don't tell - S3-E12

Trivia: At the beginning of Charlotte's wedding, they are playing an actual Scottish funeral dirge. This is to symbolize Charlotte losing herself in a bad marriage. (00:22:30)

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Trivia: Whenever we see the 'sandwich guy', his voice is actually that of Michael Patrick King. (00:17:05)

All or nothing - S3-E10

Trivia: During this scene when Miranda is having phone sex, the male actor's voice is not dubbed or edited in. Instead of using him in voiceover, he is actually in the next room, talking live on the phone to Cynthia Nixon. (00:17:05)

Easy come, easy go - S3-E9

Trivia: When Trey and Charlotte are viewed through the Tiffany window, it isn't the actual window. Tiffany would not allow cameras to film inside their store, so the show built a fake Tiffany window. But Tiffany sent their dressers to dress the window, to make it appear authentic to the real thing. (00:24:20)

What goes around comes around - S3-E17

Trivia: When Carrie and Samantha are walking to the party, they stop when they find out it's actually located at a college dorm. The name of the dorm is shown as 'Coulter Hall'. This is an homage to Allen Coulter, the director of this episode. (00:11:10)

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Trivia: During the scene when Charlotte and Anthony are looking at wedding dresses, it was actually filmed at the real Vera Wang. (00:12:05)

All or nothing - S3-E10

Trivia: When Carrie is seeing Aiden off to PA, she says in voiceover, "Until the morning". The scene is set to be in the early morning, during sunrise. But it was actually filmed at sunset, at the end of the day, because they ran out of time. They added the birds chirping to make it seem like morning. (00:05:50)

Don't ask, don't tell - S3-E12

Trivia: During the scenes when the girls are trying on their bridesmaid dresses, they were actually filmed in the real Vera Wang dress shop. (00:05:00)

Easy come, easy go - S3-E9

Trivia: According to the commentary, Natasha always wears white in the show, every single time, until the very end of her story arc. (00:03:30)

Games people play - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: When Carrie is sitting at the table writing on her laptop after her trip with the girls to the sports bar, the camera comes round and you can see her TV. You can see a boom mic reflecting on the TV screen, and another camera.

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Carrie: I stopped watching TV when people started putting leeches down their pants.

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Question: When Charlotte won't believe that Stanford's boyfriend Marcus used to be a callboy, Anthony says "Wake up and smell the KY". What is KY?

Answer: A popular brand of sexual lubricant. See

J I Cohen
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